Where to go on a Great British seaside holiday

Over the last ten years, the UK has seen a marked rise in the number of people taking a good old classic British seaside holiday. There are some fabulous seaside towns around the UK and these are being revamped and refurbished to accommodate the modern holidaymaker. With the credit crunch creating a weak financial state and most people trying to find ways in which they can save some money, this type of holiday is a much more economical and affordable family holiday than jetting off to exotic destinations. There are so many different seaside towns in the UK which all have their own unique ambience and attractions. It would be impossible to name all the lovely places that you are able to visit so here is a selection of three of the best seaside resorts that the UK has to offer for a brilliant holiday experience.

Scarborough beach in summerScarborough – As well as being one of the most popular destinations at which to spend a family holiday by the seaside, Scarborough has a fantastic night life and is a brilliant destination for people looking for a brilliant vibe and exciting time. This town has a lovely appeal for people from all over and has a great many places of interest that are well worth a visit. The grand structure of Scarborough Castle is a must see for all visitors. The beaches are lovely and the atmosphere is fun, friendly and inviting – everything you need for the perfect seaside holiday.

Great Yarmouth – This buzzing seaside resort is located along the stunning Norfolk coast. It has all the essential features that you need to create an ideal holiday destination. There are 15 miles of beautiful sandy beaches and the waters are perfect for swimming. You will find indoor and outdoor activities that are suitable for the whole family, along with some classic attractions such as locally caught fish and chips. You can also visit the Yarmouth Pier which offers a great range of fun games and attractions for people of all ages.

Blackpool beach in summertimeBlackpool – This is generally thought of as the classic location for the UK seaside holiday. First attracting tourists in the 19th century, Blackpool has recently revamped its appeal and is currently gaining further popularity as a brilliant holiday location. Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the Golden Mile are famous for their history and traditional seaside appeal. This is one of the most well equipped seaside tourist towns and there is so much to see and do that you will never want to leave.

With more and more people starting to choose British seaside holidays over more exotic locations further afield, the future is bright for the tourist industry of the UK. These seaside towns are going from strength to strength with more visitors, income and attractions that are all helping to improve the experience for all who are interested in taking a Great British seaside holiday in the future.

Guest author Naomi Chamberlain writes for British Antique Replicas who build and sell a range of antique replica furniture including office equipment, dining furniture and a whole lot more. She is an avid traveller and keen advocate of the staycation.